Business Activity

Pursuig the best performane in the field of Transpotation, Heavy Lifting and Engineering Works

We are equipped whith variously diversified equipment, suchas: Mobile crane (lifting capacity from 5 tons to 1,250 tons), Truck, Trailer and Unit Carrier (Payload capacity from 4 tons to 1185 tons) and Various kind of spesific lifter (30 tons to 2200 tons). It has passed more than 50 years since the company was established.

During the period, we have accomplished many sorts of works in the field of Construction, Cicil Engineering, Bridge Construction, Plant Construction, etc., including such National Projects as Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Installation, Okinotori Island Bank Protection, as well as many oversea National projects, such as Sularaya Thermal Power Station in Indonesia, Installation of Suez Canal Bridge Project in Egypt, and so on.

We are ready to receive a package deal of Transportaion, Installation and Demolishing Work of the various kinds of Industrial Plants Bridges Construction through the integrated tie-up among our fleet of equipment and machines.

In recent years we are concentrating to perform a rapid-installation works of Highway Grade Separation inoder to improve the traffic congestion, becoming more serious year by year.


The company take the pride in ourselves as a professional expert in the Transportation.

Making the most use of our possessed hauling equipment, such as Trucks, Trailers, Unit Carriers, Multi-Trailers, etc., we will serve ourselves to satisfy the diversified needs of our customers.

Installation Work of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Stiffening Girder

Transportation of IDEMITSU petrochemistry ICHIHARA Reactor

Suez Canal bridge work in Egypt

Carrying and Installation Work of Higashikantou Expressway Prestressed Concrete Girder

Heavy Lifting

We are equipped with the latest design Lifting Cranes of the various capacity from 5 tons upto 2,000 tons, the biggest class in Japan, and provide the team of Operators who are of well trained skill and know-how of the first class in the world.

Installation Work of Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Great Seto Bridge

Installation Work of Tohoku Petroleum Reactor

Injection Assembling of Tunnel Boring Machine at HANAHATA

Construction of Saitama Super Arena

Engineering Works

We perform the Transportation, Installation, and Removing Works of the various kinds of Industrial Plants and Heavy Items under the close tie-up with Transport and Heavy Equipment Division.

Recently, we make a strong effort to perform a quick installation of bridge girder utilizing Unit Carrier and Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry.

Installation Work of Loop 8, Aioi Overpass

Relocation Work of sodium-graphite reactor at Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Relocation Work of Tea Ceremony Hall of Sotoshu Daihonzan Sojiji Temple.

Loading and Carrying Work of Granite of 130 ton in weight at Kasama.