President's Greeting

Our company attempt to expand our own business domain with putting emphasis on the integrated tie‐ up with Transportation,

Heavy Lifting and Engineering Works, and will pursue the goal of our business development and the contribution to the society as well.

Through our constant pursuit for improvement of the method of transportation and handling of heavy and extraordinarily bulky goods, we have also been working out the integration with transport, heavy lifting and engineering works for about sixty years.

And, as the result, we could establish in the name of UNYUKIKOU (運輸機工) which is Transportation (運輸) + Heavy Lifting (重機) + Engineering Work (工事). 

We recognize that the reason why we could achieve this to some extent, even not fully, is much owing to the guidance and encouragement given to us by our customers for the past years. 

We would really appreciate our customers' kindness and lots of supports rendered to us for a long time. 

In order to cope with the trend of growing in size and weight of various industries' facilities, machines, apparatuses, and materials, we will make our organization well prepared and continue our utmost effort to meet the requirement from your good customers to the extent that we could do. 

We are sincerely looking forward to being favored with your giving us an opportunity to render our service to all of you.

Masatoshi Uchimiya