Company Profile


Company Profile

Trade Name
Uchimiya Transportation and Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Japanese : 内宮運輸機工株式会社)
30th July 1953
84,744,000 yen
Number of Employee
315 persons
Location Contact
Resistered Head Office
〒132-8666 1-8-1 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL  +81 3-3651-1111
FAX  +81 3-3651-1511

Head Office Machinery Center
〒272-0127 3-15-5 Shiohama, Ichikawa-City, Chiba, Japan

General Affairs Department
TEL  +81 47-398-6611
FAX  +81 47-398-6641

Accounting Department
TEL  +81 47-398-7711
FAX  +81 47-398-7911

Sales Headquarters
TEL  +81 47-3987211
FAX  +81 47-398-2500

Transport Department
TEL  +81 47-399-5711 
FAX  +81 47-398-0700

Heavy Equipment Department
TEL  +81 47-398-1001 
FAX  +81 47-398-0700 

Engineering Headquarters
TEL  +81 47-398-3511
FAX  +81 47-398-2500

Vehicles Department(Repair Factory)
TEL  +81 47-399-3811 
FAX  +81 47-399-2277
Sales office Kashima Branch Office
〒314-0255 1369-38 Sunayama, Kamisu-City, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL  +81 479-46-5211
FAX  +81 479-46-5210

Kisarazu Branch Office
〒292-0014 1033 Takayanagi, Kisarazu-City, Chiba, Japan
TEL  +81 438-25-6111
FAX  +81 438-25-6112

Ota Branch Office
〒373-0015 363 Higashishinmachi, Ota-City, Gunma, Japan
TEL  +81 276-37-3141
FAX  +81 276-37-3140

Naka Branch Office
〒319-1112 2807-1 Horanouchi, Ohaza-Muramatsu, Tokaimura, Nakagun, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL  +81 29-306-1311
FAX  +81 29-306-1312
Business license Construction business
(licensed by the minister of land, infrastructure and Transportation)

★Machinery and equipment installation work (General-23) No.24047
★scaffolding and civil engineering work (same as above)
 ◎Crane leasing (5ton to 1250 ton cranes)
 ◎Plant installation, assembly and dismantling of machine-mounted heavy objects

General freight transport business
 ◎transport of plants and trailers (special carriers, etc.)
  (4 freight tons - 1,185ton special carriers)
 ◎Transport of plants and construction machinery
 ◎Transport of heavy items, large items, etc. in general

Freight transport and handling business

Industrial waste collection and transport business
 Tokyo Metropolitan Governor License (No. 12-00-018164)
 Kanagawa Prefecture Governor License (No.01401018164)
 Chiba Prefecture Governor License (No. 01200018164)

Car disassembly and repair business (1-8607)

Construction machinery disassembly and repair business (No. 202)

Used car and sonsutruction machinery sales business
 Tokyo Metropolitan Pubulic Saftey Commission (No. 4235)
 Chiba prefecture Public Safety Commission (Disclosure no. 18)

Realty business (Tokyo Metropolitan Governor No. (7) 50855)

Head Office Machinery Center


Corporate History

July 1953
With General Transportation Business License obtained from Tokyo Land Transport Bureau, President Kuwazo Uchimiya founded Uchimiya Transportation Co., Ltd.
December 1959
Equipped with the first truck crane for loading, unloading, installation, engineering and demolitioning operation of heavy weight items.
October 1961
Obtained a license of General Area Motor Truck Transportation Business, and established three divisions consisting of transpotation, heavy lifting and engineering work.
November 1965 Changed the organization and the trade name into Uchimiya Transportation and Engineering Co.,Ltd.
July 1981 Equipped with the first 250t transporter.
December 1981
Established the Kisarazu branch office of 2684㎡ at Kisarazu-City Chiba.
January 1982 Established the Ohta branch office of 1972㎡ at Ohta-City Gunma.
August 1987 Set up Real Estate Section with Building lots and buildings transaction business license obtained from Governor of Tokyo.
September 1990 Completed a six-storied head office building of 1858㎡.
April 1993 Relocated and expanded the Kashima branch office of 12782㎡ at Kamisu-City Ibaraki.
May 1994 Equipped with the first 500ton hydraulic truck crane.
May 1994 Obtained Industrial waste collection and transportation business license from Governor of Tokyo.
March 1995 Established the Head Office Machinery centre including the Ichikawa branch office of 36569㎡ at Ichikawa-City Chiba.
March 1999 Equipped with the first 100ton Telescopic hydraulic gantry.
June 1999 Equipped with the first 500ton Payload capacity turntable.
January 2000 Established the Naka branch Office of 6600㎡ at Tokaimura Ibaraki.
October 2000 Equipped with first four units of 250ton unit carrier.
September 2002 Equipped with the first 550ton All Terrain Crane.
November 2003 Equipped with the first four units of 200ton Deck Lift.
July 2004 Obtained Industrial waste collection and transportation business license from Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture.
April 2008 Obtained Industrial waste collection and transportation business license from Governor of Chiba Prefecture.
July 2008 Completed a three-storied Head Office Machinery Centre building of 1298㎡.
December 2008 Completed a three-storied Parking building of 8925㎡at Head Office Machinery Centre.
September 2009 Equipped with the first 40m truck mounted aerial lift.
June 2011 Equipped with the first two units of 1250t Crawler Crane.

Subsidiary Company

Uchimiya Butsuryu Co., Ltd. 〒373-0015 363 Higashishinmachi, Ota-City, Gunma, Japan
TEL  +81 276-37-3141
FAX  +81 276-37-3140
Bussiness Lineup: Transportation Business (Construction Machine, etc.) Construction and Installation of bridge, plant, and so on.
Uchimiya Sangyo Co., Ltd. 〒132-0021 1-8-1 Chuou, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL  +81 3-3651-9111
FAX  +81 3-3655-3336
Bussiness Lineup: Construction Business (Installation of Machines and Apparatuses) Construction and Demolition of Shield Machine
Uchimiya Juki Co., Ltd. 〒132-0021 1-8-1 Chuou, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL  +81 3-3651-9111
FAX  +81 3-3651-8811
Bussiness Lineup: Construction Business, Miscellaneous Crane Leasing Business, Scaffolding and Earthwork.